Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Well-Spent Wedding

While reading the latest Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, I came across an article that had some tips for putting the wedding day on a budget. A lot of their tips are the same things that we tell our brides on how to cut costs in style. Here are our favorite tips:

1. Rank your priorities: If you love the look of lush flowers, but don't really care about your invitations then focus your budget on the florals and skimp other places. Think about what your really care about and it will be easier when it comes to decision time to spend your money in one place and not another.

2. Be ruthless with the head count: Cutting your guest count means cutting your budget. If you go from 200 to 150 guests that is less food, centerpieces, and table linens that you need to purchase/rent. Since catering is usually your biggest expense, this is a quick way to bring those dollar signs down!

3. Say yes to all-inclusive: At The Canterbury Place, we are able to provide our brides with one-stop-shopping where you can get your food, cake, invitations, flowers and much more. By going all-inclusive you get significant discounts (up to 18% on each item) and you save time by not having to find your own vendors.

4. Hook up your iPod: Even if you want a live band or a DJ,you can cut costs by having your iPod playing during part of your night- like during your dinner. Programming your iPod is easy and a fun way to bring in your personality.

5. Buy your own alcohol: At many venues when you want a bar you have to purchase all of the alcohol through them. Here, you bring in your own alcohol which is great for two reasons: first, you are not up-charged on each bottle used at your event, and secondly, you can return any unopened bottles to the store meaning great savings for you!

At The Canterbury Place, we love working with every bride and our number one goal is to make her happy. If that is working with her budget, we have many ways to get you the most bang for your buck. Come in and let us show you the many ways of how your budget can work with our building.

For even more budget saving tips, please read the Martha Stewart article here.

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