Saturday, October 24, 2009

Catering With Flair!

Food is a very important part of the wedding. We all know that when guests come to a wedding, they are always excited to see what delicious food they will get to eat! There are a couple of great options you can add to your catering to make your wedding really unique and fun for your guests. Here are a few things that we love:

  • Chocolate Fountains! No one is disappointed when they come to a wedding and get to help themselves to fresh fruit, fluffy marshmallows, and salty pretzels dipped in delicious, silky chocolate! Chocolate fountains are so beautiful, too, that they become a part of your décor. At The Canterbury Place, we can even dye a white chocolate fountain to make it one of your wedding colors!

  • Candy Bars! Candy bars help cover a lot of bases. They are beautiful decoration, they provide extra treats for your guests, and they can be used as a favor! You can get the candy in only your colors, so that it enhances your event and adds a pop of your personality.

  • Coffee Bars! This is especially good after a served dinner. While your guests are mingling and talking, they can grab a cup of hot coffee and relax.
  • Hot Cocoa Bars! At The Canterbury Place, this is one of our wintertime favorites. Hot cocoa bars add a unique touch to the wedding and allow your guests to warm up while the snow is falling outside!

These are the types of unique, special touches that will be memorable to both you and your guests. Talk to your wedding planner about how you can add one of these fun food options to your catering!

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