Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding Dress Boutiques

When a girl gets engaged, usually one of the first things she starts thinking about is the dress! Not only is it one of the most fun things to pick out, but it can also help set the tone for the entire wedding! As a matter of fact, our florist here at The Canterbury Place always asks to see a picture of the bride’s wedding dress at the beginning of every consult. What you pick says a lot about your personal style and the mood you want for you entire event. Finding that perfect dress can be quite the adventure. Some girls fall in love with the first dress they try on; others might become really discouraged that none of them seem to be “the one.” Here are a few venues we have found that offer a wide range of beautiful dresses, with excellent customer service to match.

1.) I’m sure most everyone has heard of Alysse’s Bridal… but it’s name bears wide popularity for a reason. They have a multitude of dresses in every style: trendy, classic, flirty, elegant, you name it! Every bride also gets assigned an assistant to help them. The room is filled with pedestals standing in front of 3 long mirrors that allow you to see every angle. Chairs are situated around it so your friends and family can sit comfortably and help you decide on the perfect dress! They specialize in modest wedding dresses.
2.) David’s Bridal is a nationally well-known name. They also have a varied selection to suit every personality type. The Canterbury Place manager, who has worked with tons of brides in her career, feels confident in saying that 80% or her brides got their dresses from David’s Bridal, which says a lot about their ability to accommodate every bride.
3.) Sweethearts Bridal is one of Provo’s more hidden treasures. This is a smaller, older shop. This particular store doesn’t have as wide a selection as some others, but you only need one dress to be the right one! I know so many girls that have found the perfect dress there…myself included! Because the shop is smaller, you also get a little more privacy to try everything on. They have amazing pricing, and recommend a seamstress that does flawless work!
4.) If you are looking for a more couture dress, Alta Moda is a great option. Their designers include Vera Wang, Ines Di Santo, Atelier Aimee, and more. Be apprised, however, that this will be one of the more expensive shops in Utah.
5.) Kathleen’s Bridal is another great option. On the outside, the shop might look small, but Kathleen’s actually has 3 stories of packed dresses. You also get your own private dressing room, and they have great mirrors so you can see every detail of the dress. The owner is very helpful, and great at helping you catch the vision by having you put the veil on and hold a bouquet.
6.) Fairy Godmother’s Bridal is another great option. They have dozens of styles in stock, with a wide size range (2-32), and they are willing to work with a budget. They schedule personal appointments, so you can get the assistance you need!
7.) Fantasy Bridal has been providing Utah brides with quality gowns for 25 years. They also sell shoes, veils, slips, gloves, headpieces, jewelry, garters, and bras so that you can try on all your apparel together! They prefer appointments, so try to call ahead.

Utah is filled with dozens of places to find a dress, so if you don’t find one at the first store, don’t panic! With all of these fabulous vendors, you are sure to find the perfect dress for your special day!
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