Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Send-Off

After a fun and fabulous wedding, you want the evening to end on a high note, for both you and your guests. The best way to make this happen is to plan a spectacular send-off! There are a couple of great things you can do to have a really fun get-away that your guests will enjoy participating in. You can use:
  • Bubbles

  • Sparklers

Another thing to think about is where you are running to! Many people run out to their own car, which they find to be...uniquely decorated by family and friends.

Other people make their get-away in a sleek, beautiful limosuine.

Another option that is growing more popular (which we love at The Canterbury Place!) is to make your escape in a timeless vintage car!

Whatever you choose, make it something that will be fun and memorable for you and your guests. This fun exhibition will allow your guests to show their love and support for you, and will be an exciting kick-off to your honeymoon!

Post by Madison

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