Monday, October 26, 2009

The Bride's Suite!

One of the most fun parts of the wedding day is dressing yourself up to look like a princess! You should be pampered and indulged and enjoy the beautification process to the fullest! But to do this, you need the right environment. At The Canterbury Place, we have a gorgeous bride’s room that provides you with luxury and privacy for your big day!

There is a larger part with plenty of room for your bridesmaids, mom, mother-and-law and flowers girls to ready.
We will even bring you a platter of food to snack on while you get ready with your closest family and friends! The big windows in the room look out on the dining hall, so you can take sneak peeks at your reception set-up!
Of course, the bride needs her own suite! So she has her own room to make her preparations!
And don’t worry…the bride’s room also has what every bride needs: huge mirrors that allow you to see every angle of you in your gorgeous gown!
To cap the night off, you can even do your bouquet toss out of the window!
And, as an added bonus, photographers love this room! You can get some amazing shots.
Most importantly, the bride’s room allows you to enjoy memorable moments with the people that mean the most to you on the biggest day of your life!

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