Friday, February 25, 2011

Christy + Ben's Wedding Video

Christy and Ben had their reception at The Canterbury Place in November. They were an amazing couple to work with! Recently, Chris McClain, their videographer, sent us some highlights from their reception. Here is his website. The video is absolutely beautiful and we thought you would enjoy.
Check back soon for pictures and details from their wedding.

Ben {+} Christy // Reception // Canterbury Place from Chris McClain Productions on Vimeo.

Post by Ashley

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Canterbury Place Wedding Show 2011- Set Table

One of my favorite part of The Canterbury Place's Wedding Show decorations is the set table. The fun thing about a set table is that the setting (the plates, silverware, and napkin) are part of the event's decorations and can bring your vision together.

One fun thing we did at the show was designing with the linens. We used a grey poly-cotton linen for the base with a patterened table runner. Each napkin was an alternating color to create interest. On the chair sashes, we added a mini frame with a silhouette and the guest's name as a place card.

For the flowers, Amanda our in-house florist put mini arrangements in the silver julep cups. Those were alternated with candle sticks running down the table.

Close-up detail of place card on sash

For favors, boxes with a black satin bow and a hand-written name card were put on each place setting
Under the plates, we used a silver charger to bring the decor colors together
More close-ups of the setting details and the gorgeous flowers
Isn't a set-table so gorgeous?!? At The Canterbury Place our dinners are usually served buffet, however any dinner menu item can become a served meal with set tables and service by our waite staff for $2pp. Or, to just add the set tables, but keep the meal served buffet style, the cost is only $1pp. The silverware, plates, and cups shown here are what would be used for your set table.

If you have any questions on anything from this post, please call us at 801.292.5053. Remember, every element you see from our Show, can be incorporated in to your wedding!
Once again, thank you Dustin Izatt Photography for the images!

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Canterbury Place Wedding Show 2011- Flowers

One of the most exciting parts of The Canterbury Place's annual bridal show is the flowers. This year, Amanda Schelin, our amazing in house florist, took the Hollywood Glamour theme to the next level with her floral creations. She created 6 different centerpieces:

This a-symmetrical, dramatic centerpiece was created with our tapered vase turned upside down with the flowers on top
A wreath of roses, tulips, and hydrangea surround two hurricanes

Roses and hydrangea were added to this candlestick. Isn't this a great Victorian centerpiece? I think this look would also work well for vintage themed weddings.

This centerpiece was amazing! The feather details really added a fun/Gothic touch. If you are wanting to make a statement, this would do it.

This is more of a traditional centerpiece- a tight grouping of flowers in a short cylinder.

Another view of the a-symmetrical centerpiece

Amanda also created two amazing flower arrangements for the buffet tables:

The best part of this arrangement was the manzanita branches coming out of the flowers with the crystals hanging. If you love the look of manzanita branches, having them as part of your food buffet is a great more affordable option.

For the floral booth, Amanda created another really cool look (though it's hard to see). She filled tall cylinder glass vases with different colors of water and laid a manzanita branch across the top. She added feathers and crystals for a really abstract look.

If you love these looks, make sure you are doing flowers through The Canterbury Place as Amanda is our in-house florist. Her flowers add so much to every reception and we are thrilled with how everything came together for our show.
Click here to visit Amanda's blog and see more of her work.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bridal Show 2011- The Decor

Our Bridal Show was two weeks ago, so what better time to reveal some of the gorgeous details that make The Canterbury Place's show unique?!? This week we will show you food, flowers, cake, invitations. Today let's start off with the decor.

One of the unique things about The Canterbury Place is that the feel of our dining hall can be completely changed based on your wedding theme/ colors. We used our theme of Hollywood Glamour and incorporated it with the colors of red, maroon, fuchsia, hot pink, eggplant purple, grey and black. Here is what we came up with:

Isn't the overall room shot amazing?!? For the linens we used some great combinations. We kept everything grounded with a base of grey polyester-cotton. All of the table toppers we alternated with hot pink satin, eggplant purple satin, and purple pin tuck. The sashes were a silver satin tied in a slip knot. For the clouding on the food tables, crushed grey was used.

If these aren't your colors, we have hundreds of options in different colors and textures. For the ceiling decor, we tented the ceiling in black organza for a dramatic effect. In the center of the room, we hung glass vases alternated with crystals.

Here's a close-up, but you really need to see it in real life to understand the beauty. The crystals and glass sparkle in the candle light and have a more modern appeal to them. The cool thing about the glass vases is that flowers can be added (like the orchids above) in addition to colored rocks/beads. Faux tea lights could also be placed in the glass vases for a gorgeous effect.
This ceiling decor is now available for any of our brides- please ask your wedding planner for more details.

To welcome guests into the dining hall, we had a graphic artist design a sign that we put in a big black frame and added flowers around. This idea could easily be adapted to a wedding, with a monogram or welcome to our wedding with the bride and groom's names. This is an inexpensive way to add a big pop of color and customize our hall!

Above our S'more and Hot Cocoa table (more details on that to come with the food post!), we put up a college of frames. The center ornate frame had a monogram with framed fabric (which matched some runners used elsewhere with the decor). The surrounding frames had silhouettes of a bride and groom, love quotes, and beautifully designed labels indicating what was on the tables below. These ideas are a great way to both personalize and brand your wedding while creating decor.
***Please note, if you would like to adhere anything to the walls of The Canterbury Place, our staff must hang it to avoid any damage. Please ask our wedding planner for pricing.
In the ballroom (where the vendors booths were set-up), we hung up our newest color of ceiling swags- grey! On top of the swags we added Italian lights and hung Chinese Lanterns in a variety of colors. This look would be perfect for dancing and is more of a fun look.

Thank you to Dustin Izatt Photography for all of the beautiful pictures!
Post by Ashley