Friday, February 18, 2011

The Canterbury Place Wedding Show 2011- Flowers

One of the most exciting parts of The Canterbury Place's annual bridal show is the flowers. This year, Amanda Schelin, our amazing in house florist, took the Hollywood Glamour theme to the next level with her floral creations. She created 6 different centerpieces:

This a-symmetrical, dramatic centerpiece was created with our tapered vase turned upside down with the flowers on top
A wreath of roses, tulips, and hydrangea surround two hurricanes

Roses and hydrangea were added to this candlestick. Isn't this a great Victorian centerpiece? I think this look would also work well for vintage themed weddings.

This centerpiece was amazing! The feather details really added a fun/Gothic touch. If you are wanting to make a statement, this would do it.

This is more of a traditional centerpiece- a tight grouping of flowers in a short cylinder.

Another view of the a-symmetrical centerpiece

Amanda also created two amazing flower arrangements for the buffet tables:

The best part of this arrangement was the manzanita branches coming out of the flowers with the crystals hanging. If you love the look of manzanita branches, having them as part of your food buffet is a great more affordable option.

For the floral booth, Amanda created another really cool look (though it's hard to see). She filled tall cylinder glass vases with different colors of water and laid a manzanita branch across the top. She added feathers and crystals for a really abstract look.

If you love these looks, make sure you are doing flowers through The Canterbury Place as Amanda is our in-house florist. Her flowers add so much to every reception and we are thrilled with how everything came together for our show.
Click here to visit Amanda's blog and see more of her work.

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