Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Q&A- Mike and Jessica's wedding

Since posting Jessica and Mike's wedding a few days ago, I have gotten a bunch of questions about their event. Here are the most common ones:
1. Who were the vendors from the evening?
The bride and groom had many great vendors! Since they were in our Paris package, most of them were scheduled through The Canterbury Place.
Invitations: Polka Dots and Daisies invitation shown here
Wedding Planner: Ashley at The Canterbury Place
DJ: Durvin with Laughing Gravy
Hair and Makeup: Garden Day Spa
Photographer: Derek Gifford Photography
2. Her wedding seems so elegant! What were her wedding colors?
Jessica has amazing taste! Her wedding colors were taupe and ivory. The flowers and linens were also those colors and helped create that very traditional and elegant feeling.
3. The cake was amazing! Is it really as big as it looks?
Yes it was! The cake had extra deep layers to give the bride the look she was going for. Julie from Layers Cake did a great job hand shaping every rose. She even brought her husband in for the delivery since it was such a heavy cake!
Please let us know if you have any questions about any of the weddings that you have seen, we would love to answer them!
Post by Ashley

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