Friday, November 27, 2009

Food Options

One of the first decisions you need to make when planning your reception is the food. Do you want something hearty or light? Do you want it to be buffet style or served?

Buffet Style
Even within this category, there are several options. At The Canterbury Place, we offer several different kinds of buffets. One of those is a dessert buffet. We offer crepe buffets, ice cream buffets, petite dessert buffets, and more. These buffets are beautiful and fun; who doesn’t enjoy sweets? It’s also a great option if you are on a budget!

If you want something just a little bit heartier, we can also do a deli buffet. We will load the table with rolls, meats, cheeses, an H’ors d’Oeuvres, salad, and dessert. This type of buffet is very affordable, and will help fill your guests just a little bit more.

We also offer full dinners. Our chefs will serve your guests at the buffet with a delicious
meal, complete with salad, sides, an entrĂ©e, and dessert. We also have your choice of H’ors d’Oeuvres to put out before the buffet. This helps to give your event just a little bit of flexibility. With a served dinner, late guests might miss the serve time. A buffet, on the other hand, remains open for a time, so late guests won’t miss their dinner.

Served Dinners
For something more formal, we can also offer served dinners. Our staff will bring each course to your table while your guests sit back and relax. This gives the wedding a very elegant feel, and the guests always enjoy having a delicious meal brought straight to them.
You can talk to your wedding planner about what style you think might best fit you. You can also view our menu options on The Canterbury Place website. After following the link, click “full brochure.”

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