Saturday, November 21, 2009

Decorating the Arch

Currently at The Canterbury Place, we are booking up our spring and summer months for fabulous ceremonies and receptions! Many of these ceremonies will take place outdoors, where our couples will speak their vows underneath our beautiful arch. While the arch looks great on its own, we also have amazing décor options to help give your ceremony the right feel!

Chinese Lanterns are a great option. We used these for the first time last summer, and we loved it! They had such a fun feel, and looked absolutely fabulous in pictures. Lots of brides want to find décor that’s unique from the traditional wedding, and this look definitely fits that description!

Another option is the Organza Draped Arch. This look is classic and elegant, perfect for brides who want a romantic feel. It's also great for pictures during and after the ceremony, and will be very memorable to your guests! We can drape the two front pillars, or we can drape the entire arch.

Photo via Three Winks Studio

Photo via Vanderbeek Images

For brides who prefer an indoor ceremony, we have an option for you as well: the Floral Decorated Arch. We can meet with the florist and figure out the perfect way to decorate the arch with your favorite flowers. This will help add a very personal touch and give a whimsical feel to your ceremony. The Canterbury Place is also very flexible and loves new ideas! If you’ve thought of new way that you would like to decorate the arch, we’d love to see if we can make it happen! As always, you can talk to your wedding planner about how you can get one of these great looks, or create a look of your own!

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