Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wedding Registry 101

Registries are no longer about china patterns and gravy boats. More and more couples are throwing expectations to the wind and are registering with retailers that reflect their lifestyle more than their Tupperware drawer. While it’s your big day, it’s important to consider your guests while putting together your gift registry. Here are some registry ideas and common registry etiquette to help you along the way (also, the pictures show you different options for listing your registry on your invitations).

If you are an adventurous couple, a fun idea is to contact a travel agent who can price out various activities like a couples massage, jet-ski rides, or dinner for two, thereby allowing your guests to choose what portion of the honeymoon they would like to contribute or “gift”. There are many great websites appearing like, which give your guests many fun options to contribute to. If you are an outdoorsy couple, a fun idea is to register for a series of pursuit-based activities like ski lessons, dance classes, or horseback riding. Sport retailers like now have an easy-to-use online and store gift registries so you can get that high-tech hiking gear you’ve been dreaming about!

If you are a couple that has already established a home and you are hoping for monetary gifts which would be more useful to you than a traditional wedding gift, there are still options for you. How to request money as a wedding gift remains one of the most challenging etiquette issues. Although you can find many clever poems and advice online on how to ask for cash, please keep in mind that guests will appreciate (and are likely to feel more comfortable) giving a “cash-like” gift if they know how their gift will be spent. Many still feel it is bad etiquette to mention cash altogether. For this reason, we recommend taking advantage of registries like Home Depot for home improvement items. Another common trend that many credit unions and banks have now started offering are wedding registry accounts that your guests can contribute to online. There are even great websites like that offer a FREE, quick, and easy online option for a gift registry!
Department stores and home décor registries still hold their functional allure because many guests like to gift what is familiar and easily accessible. Conventional registries like Crate & Barrell, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target remain the most popular because of their familiarity, their stylish lines and options of décor, and their great return policies. They also give your guests a wide range of options for a wide range of budget points, which is a very important key factor to remember.

Although registries continue to change and evolve, everyone has different ideas of what makes an appropriate wedding gift, so don’t be surprised if you still get the occasional personal or homemade gift. Remember, the gift giver is ultimately in charge of what you receive, while your job is simply to write a kind thank-you note.
Hopefully these tips help you on your way to a creative and successful registry!

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