Monday, December 28, 2009

The Wedding Day Timeline

When you are planning your wedding day, there are lots of things to consider as far as the timeline goes. Every bride has a list of the things she wants to do, including the traditions like cutting the cake, the first dance, etc. Brides are often at a loss, however, as to when they should do what! So here are some recommendations based on our experience here at The Canterbury Place:

1.) If you are having your ceremony and your reception at the same venue, try not to leave too much time between the two. This way, your guests won’t have to leave and then come back, or be bored while waiting around for the reception to begin.

2.) The ideal time for toasts depends on what kind of food you are serving. If you are having a served meal, you can do toasts during salads or dessert. If you’re food is buffet style, then you could toast right before you cut the cake.

3.) The best time to cut the cake is probably right in the middle of the reception. That is when the greatest amount of people are most likely to be there.

Photo by Gifford Photography

4.) We recommend doing the first dance right after the cake cutting! That way, you already have everybody’s attention. The first dance is also the perfect way to initiate the rest of the dancing.

.) The bouquet and garter toss are a great way to wrap things up! It gives your guests the sense that the evening is coming to an end. In addition, after the tosses, while you have everyone’s attention, you can announce where the send of will be so everyone can gather while you change or get the things you need.

As the bride, it will be easy for you to lose track of time. Find a family member or someone who will be willing to be in charge of the “schedule” and will come get you when it’s time to cut the cake, toss the bouquet, etc. At The Canterbury Place, we have a hostess who will handle that for you.
Above all, remember that it’s your day! Go with the flow, and if you get a little bit behind on the timeline, don’t panic! The most important thing is that you have the time to enjoy yourself and your guests.

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