Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Lovely Bridal Show Pictures

Laura from Vanderbeek Images emailed me over some more photos from
The Canterbury Place's Bridal Show this morning.
I loved them so much, I couldn't help but share them with our loyal blog readers!
Planning a bridal show is very fun in the fact that you get to find the new trends and come up with your own ideas and combine them to have the perfect event!
I can't wait to explain all of the great ideas we came up with (we promise you will be inspired)! There are many affordable ideas and a few DIY ideas. I am still waiting for more photos to do a complete review of the event.
But until then, here is some more eye candy to enjoy!

To see more photos and photos from other booths (including our awesome cake artist Ambrosia Cakes), please go to Vanderbeek Images blog!
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