Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wedding Details

When it comes to making your wedding day beautiful, it’s all in the details! So to help make your day perfect, here are some wedding ideas from a recent wedding here at The Canterbury Place that will make your day truly special and will separate you from the pack!

The most intimate moments of your wedding happen during the ceremony! You don’t need a lot of money or flare to make your ceremony beautiful. For example, just a few flowers on the edge of the ceremony chairs add a pop of color in a simple way. Flower petals down the isle are another great way to add your colors to the ceremony and it creates and ambiance your guests will never forget!

A great way to bring your wedding colors alive in a room is with ceiling swags! Draped from the ceiling, they add a hint of color, strung lights in the swags add brightness to the room, and they add an unforgettable feeling of elegance to your event!

Chairs sashes are another great way to add color and texture to your table setup. With many ways to tie them, you can create any look you want! For example, in this wedding we tied Ivory Organza sashes café style which created a very clean and elegant feel to the room.

A fun way to bring a personal touch to your wedding and give your guests a sweet token of your affection is with personalized wedding favors. There are many fun ways to make your favors pop from engraved trinkets to tasty edible to heartwarming keepsakes. For this wedding they had individual bags of monogrammed M&M’s designed in their wedding colors which melted in everyone mouths and hearts!

These are just a few fun ways to add the “special touch” to your wedding day. For additional ideas and planning please talk to your wedding consultant!

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  1. If you'll notice our wedding cake, it has our wedding vows written into it with frosting. It was almost a sin to cut into it! But we can tell you these are the only vows that will be broken! They were extraordinarily yummy!

    Michael & Lynnette Shimmin