Monday, July 20, 2009

Meeting with your Florist

At The Canterbury Place our premier florist is Stacie Hardy. She has given the below tips to getting the most out of your floral consult:

While planning your wedding it is very important that your vendors are able to capture your vision and create something that you will love. Your florist is one of the biggest components in this!
When meeting with your florist, here are some key items that every bride should come prepared with:

  • Color Palette/Theme you want to incorporate in the wedding
  • Your personal style(ie. romantic, traditional, modern, eclectic, whimsical, funky, etc.)
  • Inspiration pictures of flowers you like, whether it is a specific flower or a picture of a bouquet they like
  • How you envision your wedding
  • What flowers you love/hate
  • Style of bouquet that you want: round, hand tied, arm held, asymmetrical, cascading
  • Picture of your Wedding Dress
  • Picture of Bridesmaids Dress
  • Color swatches of Dresses if possible
  • Tux colors
  • Number of people in wedding party:Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, parents, grandparents

Remember that your time with your florist is valuable! This is the time to comminuciate your vision. So it is important to have a good idea of how you want your flowers in advance so that you use your meeting time most efficiently.

Of course, florists are there to suggest new and unique ideas that you hadn't even thought of. If you don't know much about flowers- don't worry! A good florist can tell you what will work with your theme/ colors and will have a portfolio and other inspiration items to guide you to the perfect wedding flowers.

To contact our florist Stacie or any of The Canterbury Place staff, please call 801.292.5053

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